PAN is a Permanent Account Number and a unique and essential document for any Indian citizen to declare proof of identity and tax-paying purpose.

Your PAN card holds all your tax-related information at a single place facilitating the Income Tax department to maintain your detailed record. It assists the Income Tax Department of India to prevent financial frauds through monitoring tax evasion.

PAN is also used as your proof of identity since it is used at multiple places like opening a bank account, debit or credit card application, any loan and typically anything involving financial interchange. 

As it is such an important document the procedures to apply for an online PAN card application are made simpler over the years to facilitate the general public. You can easily apply for a new PAN card by submitting your application to the TIN site or an NSDL PAN center. 

NSDL accepts online PAN applications and helps the users with a step by step guide and procedure on how to apply for a PAN card online. 

Any new application for a PAN online or any changes required in an existing PAN is enabled by the TIN-NSDL site.

Can everyone apply for a PAN card online?

Any individual, trusts, corporate company, organizations, local authorities, minors, senior citizens as well as governments can apply for a PAN card online through PAN application form.

Every tax-payer in the country must have a PAN card for transparency in financial transactions.

It’s your declaration to the state regarding genuine financial transactions as your PAN card details provide all the details required by the Income Tax Department to track and monitor your transactions.

Fees and Charges for applying for online PAN card

How much do you need to pay for applying for an online PAN card?

For a new application, you need to pay Rs.107 as the fee that can be paid online while applying online PAN. This fee applies to Indian citizens.

The fee varies for online PAN in case of being a foreign citizen or making any change to existing PAN card if you are an Indian citizen. An extra postal fee is charged to you in case you choose the card to be delivered to your address.

Documents Required for Application of New / Modification / Reprint / Correction Of PAN details

What documents do you require?

The below documents are required for your online PAN applications. The application forms are easily available for you on the PAN card official website of NSDL and UTIITSL.

The following documents are required for the application:

  • Aadhar or UID
  • Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Acknowledgment letter( in case of a new passport)

How can you Apply a PAN Card Online?

Applying for a PAN card online at home has never been this easy. The process has been made extremely simple for you.

Wondering how to apply for an online PAN card. You can easily apply for a  PAN card online as it has become a very simple process now. There are a few simple steps that you can follow along with uploading all necessary documents and details on the official website of TIN-NSDL.

Once these steps are complete you will receive the physical copy of your PAN card within 15 days of applying for a new PAN card.


You can follow the below steps on how to get a PAN card online.


Visit the official website of TIN-NSDL and click on the “Services” option to apply for an online PAN application.

Alternatively, you can use the below link to apply for a new PAN card.

You will get the below screen after clicking on the link

Fill all the relevant details such as Application Type (Form 49A ), Category (Individual/Corporate), Title (Shri/Smt/Kumari), your name details, date of birth, and contact details. 

Fill the CAPTCHA on screen and then click on the ‘Submit’ button. 

Please note the token number which is generated, and proceed with your PAN application.

Fill all the relevant details such as Application Type (Form 49A ), Category (Individual/Corporate), Title (Shri/Smt/Kumari), your name details, your date of birth, and contact details. 

Fill the CAPTCHA on screen and then click on the ‘Submit’ button. 

Please note the token number which is generated, and proceed with your online PAN application.

Step 2: 

You will be redirected to the below page where you will be provided with three options to submit the documents for your PAN card application. You may either submit the documents digitally using e-KYC and e-sign, submit scanned images through e-sign or forward your documents physically. 

Click on the ‘Next’ button.
Documents required to apple pan card online

Step 3: 

You will be redirected to the screen below where you need to complete the details related to your source of income, address, and contact information. 

You should save the information completed until now by using the option of ‘Save Draft’.

Personal details required to fill PAN Card application form online

Step 4:

At this step, you need to enter your AO (Assessing Officer) details to assess the tax jurisdiction relevant to you. You will find the information on the same page. After completing the details, click on ‘Next’. 

Entering Assessing Officer details while applying for pan card online

The final step requires you to enter information regarding the documents you have submitted as your proof of your identity, address, and date of birth. You have to upload your signature and photograph. 

Click ‘Submit’.

After submitting your PAN application and making the online payment, you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. Once you have entered the OTP, print the receipt with your 15-digit acknowledgment number. Put your signatures on the receipt and send it to the NSDL office preferably through courier within 15 days from the application date. 

Applying for a duplicate PAN card

Applying for a duplicate PAN card is the same as reprinting your PAN card. Online option for requesting this is the best process.

  • Go to the official TIN-NSDL website
  • Select ‘Changes or correction in existing PAN data/ Reprint of PAN card (No changes in existing PAN data)’. In the “application type”.
  • Enter the details of your surname, first name, and middle name. Enter your date of birth if you are an individual or date of incorporation in the case of a company.
  • Complete the details such as your email ID, mobile number and PAN and confirm if you are a citizen of India.
  • ‘Submit’ and proceed to the next step.
  • Submit all the necessary documents including existing PAN card.
  • Make payment for the reprint fees of your PAN card. The price is Rs.110 for Indian citizens and Rs 1020 if you reside outside the country.
  • After making the payment, you will get a 15-digit acknowledgment number.
  • Your duplicate PAN card also takes around 15 days to reach you.

So, what are you waiting for now? We have provided you with all the details required to apply for a new or a duplicate PAN.

Everyone should have a PAN card because it is a very critical document. Your PAN is your proof of identity and a declaration of being an honest and responsible citizen.