marketing tips to sell anything

Last month I was standing inside my well-furnished flat, planning to shift my base from Mumbai. I wanted to sell everything and start all over again. It might sound fascinating in the beginning, but trust me, it is one of the exhausting tasks you will ever come across.

But then if we question ourselves, haven’t we been selling since the very beginning we put out foot outside? Be it on our career junctures, convincing our manager for a particular job position or maybe selling a product to that prospective client?

Selling can be your household items, it can be an idea, it can be a service, or it can be only yourself as a career person.

However, from my personal experience, not everyone is good at sales. I would say the sales representative have a terrible reputation in people’s mind.

But how can you sell everything and move or in case you are planning to travel? Today in this article, I am going to share with you some of the best tips for selling everything. So, read along!

So how do we convince anyone to buy our stuff- whether it is an idea or it can be anything-But How?

Have you ever had a friend who had always been good at making conversation? Everyone in that group believed that she could convince anyone by her discussion.  

Well, an ideal salesperson needs to indulge in communication, but it should not be about themselves. Instead, it will be about the other person.

Only then the other person will be interested in the conversation and would be interested in what you have to say about your product.

Here are some of the interesting facts I came across about selling everything:

  • 92% of the customers prefer interacting through phone, and you can create a good business relationship with your client through the phone. (Salesforce)
  • To meet your prospective client, you have to make at least eight cold calls per day. (Sirirusdecision)
  • Some of the best time to call customers or to interact with them is between 4 to 5 pm. (Insidesales)
  • Spontaneity and fast response are the keys to fast selling. 30-35% of the sales happen to the representative who is quick in responding to the customers. (Insidesales)
  • 80% of all sales needs at least five follow-ups with the clients. But 44% of the representatives give up after the first follow up. (Marketingdonut)

The buying methods have changed today, which has forced people planning to sell, looking for new strategies so that they can build up their relationship with the customers who would likely buy the product.

Today, in this article, I will be discussing some of the essential strategies to sell anything.

Below are some of the best technique you can come across to sell everything:

#1. Know what you are selling and whom you are selling

Yes! Do your research. Knowing what you are selling will give you an idea of whom to sell them. It will help you identify your customers and help you formalize an objective. 

It’s not just only your customer; it can be stakeholders, audiences anyone who will be buying anything that you are selling! The research will also allow you to identify your competitors and challenges that you might face while marketing the product.

And that’s why I emphasize-know your product well, inside and out. Knowing the product will help you convince your clients or managers or your audiences.

#2. Talk but listen even more

Just like you get tired of someone talking about themselves continuously, the same applies to others. Why would anyone be interested to hear what you have to sell or what you are good at?

Rather there may be a change when you are giving information about your plan, idea or products which you think is innovative and interesting. There is a big chance that your client may find them irrelevant and obnoxious.

 So here is the second rule of selling everything-it is not about you; it is about the buyer. Listen to him, understand what’s his needs and how your product can be relevant to his needs.

There are a vast number of customer interaction portal these days, which gives you just what you need for selling everything. That is information about the client’s interest. Some of these portals include LinkedIn, Blogs, Google, Facebook, twitter post and so on.

#3. Build a rapport with your client

Now that you have already done your research and know about your clients and their needs, this is the time for connecting with your clients. In any kind of business transaction, a genuine interaction is very crucial.

Talk with your business prospect. See what the client is looking for? Maybe he is searching for something you may not have, but how you connect with him can either make him change his mind and take your suggestion of alternatives.

Or maybe he will remember you and come back when he needs the service or product you are providing. In both cases, it is a win-win situation for you.

You have gained a prospective customer even if it has not converted into sales today, but it will be, in future.

The bottom line does not just simply present your product just to sell anything, create the need for your product by connecting with the clients.

#4. Create the need

In most of the cases, this is the most challenging task in selling anything. How do you create this need within your prospective client so that you or your products convince them?

Let us just think like this, to understand or to connect with your client, and you need to be in their shoes.

In most cases, sales are unsuccessful because they fail to comprehend what the customer wants. Only when you understand their need to can change their mind.

Sales organization consider themselves as client’s advocate. They serve what their client needs. And the clients need to know that you are here to help them, ready to listen to their requirements. This is where you create your impression.

 The client will be able to see your enthusiasm and genuine interest in them, and that’s how you can sell them your products.

#5. Your approach

You must have noticed that salesperson have striking personalities. If you do not have it in, you cannot create the first impression of trust and genuine interest in the customer.

Lastly, remember to keep some psychological tricks handy:

Below are some of the tricks the sales representative of corporate companies plays while selling anything. How would you utilize them?

Be assertive. Yes, that works when the customers are very much result oriented.

Furthermore, they wanted to know the bottom line-that how will they be benefited by your product or service.

Another technique is being amiable or expressive when you explain about your products. Some customers like creative ideas. They want to have a bigger picture. 

Your interest in them, your ideas, show it to them. And the result? You might win some of your prospective customers.

In the end, there are a few questions you need to ask beforehand about selling.

Whatever you might sell, remember that key to any selling is how well you connect with your clients. You have to develop skills in explaining things to your clients.

Such that the information you provide resonates within them. Your clients will remember your words and how genuine you sounded.

How to sell yourself?

The genuine way to interest people and influence them is to be involved. Listen to them what they are saying.

Communicate with analogies and anecdotes. Show your emotions when they share something with you.

Most people are not motivated by information and data. Instead, they drive primal needs like to be heard and accepted.

How can some people sell anything?

Whenever you are trying to sell anything, remember these are people and not just simply leads. A simple mail for promotion never works.

What works is your emotion. Talk with your customer, build rapport. Let the conversation drift a bit personal.

Share your own experience. Eventually, you will find you have owned your client’s trust. And this how you some people can sell anything.

What is the best way to sell something to someone?

Of all the steps we discussed to sell anything to anyone, I have three-pointers for you. Remember it well when you sell something to anyone.

Firstly, before selling, do your background research. Secondly, communicate and create a rapport with your customer.

Lastly, create a need for your products so that your customer ends up buying them.

Final Verdict

To conclude, yes you can sell anything to anyone, as long as you know the three golden rules. Research, communicate and create the need. And just sold your product.

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