open a pathology lab business in india

Pathology helps you determine the cause of any disease. To determine any disease you will need to collect body samples like blood, tissues and other body fluids for diagnosis. Do you have some experience in pathology and laboratory science? And you are looking for opportunities to open a pathology laboratory in India with license pathology laboratory practices?

I would suggest that you should take a look at some of the pointers we have assembled for you.

Today with an increase in infectious and non-infectious diseases the pathology diagnosis centres in India are currently of dire need in the market.

In the first place, the laboratory setup cost has become economical for many people.

Particularly, today setting up a pathology diagnostic center has become more accessible in India.

Most noteworthy fact on how to open a pathology laboratory centre in India, I should emphasize here something.

Pathology diagnostic centres that can provide high-quality diagnosis have become a hugely profitable business in India.

Especially, the diagnostic laboratories have been huge advancements in the field of technology and medical science. Most importantly, it gives faster diagnostic results. In addition, diagnostic centres adhere to accreditation and regulations that the current market demands.

Being a capital-intensive business, to initiate a diagnostic centre it is crucial that you have a strategic plan prepared for your pathology centre.  

What should you know to open a pathology laboratory in India?

To begin with, the complexity of infectious diseases has increased in the last few years. With this, a sudden need arose for a larger number of pathology diagnostic centres.

These pathology laboratories need to be registered and accredited. It should meet the scope and high demand in the current scenario.

Let us see, what could have led to this sudden rise in the demand of diagnostic laboratories?

  • Do you know around 70% of the diagnosis in hospitals are supported by the pathologist?
  • 70-80% of the pathological tests are carried out in the diagnostic centres. (Source: NHS report)
  • In any pathology diagnostic centre, around 18 different types of diagnostic tests are carried out. This includes toxicology, clinical embryology and cytogenetics. (Source: Royal College of Pathologist).
  • Screening of cervical cancer reduced its incidence to 42% with an increased screening in pathology centres. (Source: Royal College of Pathologist).
  • Every year 2 million units of blood are donated/transfused. And this value is only in the UK by haematologist in these centres. Imagine globally what will be its value? (Source: Royal College of Pathologist).
  • More than 5 million people will be suffering from non-infectious disease by 2025.
  • Soon, diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol will increase the demand for pathologists.

What do you need, to open a pathology laboratory centre in India?

If you have decided to strategize a business plan for a pathology diagnostic centre in India, I should tell you, it is not an easy task. Rather, there are certain aspects you need to consider before you dive into the business.

In the first place, with qualifications required to open a pathology laboratory in India you only have 30% of what is required for starting a diagnostic centre.

To begin with, you need a proper location to set-up your laboratory. Most importantly, capital and financial support for your business plan. Including, you need information about the recent licenses and technologies for a diagnostic laboratory.

Besides, you also need to have an idea about the cost to open a pathology laboratory in India. You need to have a thorough understanding of the laboratory setup cost.

#1. Location

This is your primary requirement for setting up your diagnostic centre.  The main aim of your pathology diagnostic centre in India should be how accessible is your laboratory to the larger masses.

Particularly, if you are selecting a location for your laboratory, check whether it is close to the city hub.

Is the area hygienic? Does the area have adequate space?  Check setups like an air-conditioning with elevator facilities. This will be required for the pregnant, disabled or aged individuals.

#2. Registration and Licencing

Remember, the doctor’s interpretation of the patient’s condition will depend on your laboratory’s diagnosis. In other words, all the diagnostic results need to be correct.

Hence, to ensure the appropriateness of the diagnosis, you need to adhere to safety regulations in the diagnostic centre in India.

In addition, pathology licensing is not just for the laboratory. Rather, it is for your pathologist and staffs working in your diagnostic centre also.

In the mean time, what are these licences you need to setup a pathology laboratory in India?

The licenses which you need are as below:

  • Laboratory accreditation from NABL.
  • Your pathology laboratory should have GCP accreditation.
  • The Diagnostic centre should have Shops & Establishment Act registration.
  • The lab should have registration from the Clinical Establishment Act.
  • Your diagnostic centre should register with the organisation responsible for disposing of biomedical wastes.
  • Having an approval document from the pollution board in terms of waste generation.
  • NOC certificate by the fire department.
  • NOC certification from the municipal corporation of India.
  • Infrastructure

If you start a pathology diagnostic laboratory, it is important that you have proper infrastructure. Including, adequate finances should be available to bear the laboratory setup cost.

Besides, you need facilities to aid your pathology diagnosis laboratory. 

Namely, you need various services with separate rooms, communication system, treatment areas are required for efficient testing procedures.

 There should be adequate parking space for the patients and you should have enough space for areas like reception, waiting for areas for the patient, cash counter and back office.

Further, you might have to consult an interior expert to help you plan the setting of your laboratory based on the equipment and space available.

Your pathology diagnostic centre has to be air-conditioned. For the most part, the high-end equipment in your laboratory will not be able to withstand high temperature and humidity. Your equipment may have optical filters, spectrophotometers, ELISA readers all needs to be preserved in a specific temperature.

#3. Manpower

Therefore, you have proper infrastructure, a good location, high-end equipment for your lab. What else do you need?

Now you need efficient technologists and pathologists who will be carrying out the test. Now, your budget for the laboratory setup cost will also include the cost for manpower.

The pathology technicians have to be specialised, trained and experienced.  But again, it is not just the pathologists and technicians. There are other people you will be needing.

You also need marketing personnel for your diagnostic lab. This marketing personnel will be handling the administration.

Moreover, you also need an account officer in your finance department. This account personnel will handle and manage your cash flow.

#4. Equipment

In a pathology diagnostic laboratory, you need several innovative and standard types of equipment which will give a full-proof result. These diverse ranges of equipment are selected based on the various pathological testing and the number of tests you will be carrying out.

You can either buy these ranges of equipment or you can lease them from the vendors.

In addition, you can take a diagnostic centre franchise and pay the reagent price based on the number of tests you do.

Further, there is another advantage of renting or leasing equipment for your laboratory. It is the preventive maintenance and validation of the equipment will be done regularly. This adds to the credibility of the reports that you generate for the patients.

Below is a list of equipment that you do need in your registered pathology laboratory center.

  • Semi-auto analyser
  • Microscope
  • Blood cell counter
  • Deep fridge
  • Blood Gas analyser
  • Reagent and Chemicals
  • ELISA reader and washer
  • Centrifuge
  • Dispensing scale
  • Centrifuge
  • Colorimeter

Once you have prepared the laboratory plan, how would you market your business?

To promote your diagnostic business, the best method will be online marketing. You can create your website that will provide the details and the services you provide.

Even better if the client can order services like open the lab collection centre or sample collection from their house services online. Depending on the cost and time taken for the testing process, the prices of the services can be kept.

Firstly, make sure you do your market research before putting a price on your services.

Such as, there are at least 20 similar diagnostic pathology laboratories in India within the same radius.

Hence, your customers have options. Check how much they are paying for the diagnostic services at other laboratories.

Questions you should be asking before plunging into setting up pathology centre business in India:

Rapid commercialisation in pathology diagnostics and healthcare has resulted in the appearance of several pathology labs in different parts of India. Today the pathology market is worth around 40,000 Cr.

Finally if you are still deciding whether you should pursue the idea of setting a diagnostic laboratory-I would say it is an extremely lucrative idea.

How much will it cost for starting a pathology diagnostic laboratory in India?

In India the cost to setup pathology laboratory in between 2.8 to 2.5 lakhs depending on the type of equipment and number of staffs you employ in your laboratory.

However, my suggestion is, do your own cost investment analysis before initiating the investment.

It is very crucial to evaluate the cost to open a pathology laboratory with the laboratory set-up cost. Make sure you have applied for pathology registration and license for a pathology laboratory.

What are these different license for pathology laboratory required for you to start a collection centre?

In this article, we have discussed the various license for a pathology laboratory. These licenses are essential for you to have registered yourself as a registered pathology laboratory.

Hence, ask your self this. Do you have the qualification pathology centre business in India? Do you have the laboratory setup cost? Are all the answers above are yes?

Seems like, you should go for applying for a license for a pathology laboratory.

However, below are the three most important ‘must-haves’ registrations for a credible diagnostic lab:

  • Registration with Paramedical council of India
  • Certification with pollution control board of India
  • Registration with NABL and ISO.
  • What are the basic requirements to initiate a pathology laboratory?

There are a few basic types of equipment as a laboratory you must have. This includes incubators, centrifuge, pipettes, colorimeter, ELISA readers, laboratory software, microscope, computer system and a refrigerator.

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In end, this is my suggestion to you…

Crafting any business plan is not an easy process, and the pathology centre business in India requires a series of steps and thorough research.

Finally, here what you should do to build a business in pathology diagnostic centre in India.

Make sure the list of services you will be providing to your clients.

Hence, to achieve that here is my suggestion.

Check the services of other registered and licensed pathology laboratories in your area. As a result, you can craft your own list of services.

Do you have any question related to pathology diagnostic labs which we can address? Do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to provide you with more information.